The Neandertals


Neandertal skeleton

Anatomically modern human skeleton

10 points to compare the skeletons

The differences between a Neandertal skeleton and that of an anatomically modern human are found mainly on the proportions of the body: relatively short arms and legs, a very well developed rib cage, a large skull. The short and stocky characteristics of Neandertals are well known to retain heat better and are found in relation to adaptation to a cooler climate.

The average height was 1.55 m for women and 1.65 m for men.

How they may have moved has previously been the subject of research showing that Neandertals may have walked in a similar way to us and that the range of their arm movements could have been greater.

As for their external appearance, the study of genetics has taught us that Neandertals may  have had skin colour similar to that of modern humans in Northern Europe.