The Neandertals

Mousterian flint point
Height: 5.5 cm
Cave of Spy , Belgium
Flint scraper
Height: 9 cm
Godarville, Belgium
Phthanite biface
Height: 14 cm
Cave of Spy, Belgium


For their daily activities, it is obvious that Neandertals used all kinds of tools. Today, we only know about those that survived the millennia: stone tools.

These flint tools, for the most part, were cut using a complex method developed nearly 400,000 years ago: the Levallois technique. 

Two shapes obtained by this technique are frequently found: points and scrapers that were used during hunting activities, for cutting and for making objects from organic materials such as javelins or clothing.

Bifaces are vestiges from much older traditions which are over 1.7 million years old. Nevertheless, despite the wide array of tools which Neandertals had, bifaces were still used for cutting or scraping activities or for prestige items made out of rare rocks, such as phthanite.